Klès 2022 collection - playful minimalist leather bags


The new Klès collection is here! This 2022 collection consists of minimalist leather bags with original bag charms, adding originality and playfulness.

Discover the collection now.


Concept - minimalism and playfulness

The concept of simple handbags accessorised with bag charms comes from a taste for original designs, a belief in slow-fashion and a need to reduce waste.
I wanted to create minimalist bags with a playful twist, but I also wanted these bags to be timeless, so they can be used for many years.

My solution was to have minimalist leather bags, with fun accessories that you can add and remove as you wish. And the best part is that the bag charms are made from leather off-cuts from the production of the larger pieces (handbags), so they contribute to reducing waste!


Inspiration - playful design and natural materials 

This collection was inspired by the “(Perfectly) Imperfect Stool” by Galvin Brothers. I love the roundness and playfulness, as well as the contrast between the natural materials and the originality of the design. This is what I wanted to translate in the new Klès collection.

I designed the new bags with a sculptural approach, with original volumes and shapes highlighting the natural materials.


“(Perfectly) Imperfect Stool” by Galvin Brothers

Stylish and made to last a lifetime

Durability was one of my main focuses for this collection. I use extra thick leather for the parts that get used the most - flap and strap - making them more durable and retaining their neat appearance for longer.

I also wanted to highlight the clean lines of the bags and the solid brass rings used to attach the straps. For this reason I used hand-stitching rather than rivets, for a purer, more refined look.


Minimalist leather bags

This new 2022 collection includes three new bags and one new colour: dark green. This new green leather is a rich dark green / emerald green. 


ABI bucket bag

The first bag to be released was the ABI, a compact minimalist bucket bag with a round strap. The strap can be worn in two different ways, single or double, creating two distinct styles. The ABI is available in Tan and Black leather. 


ABI minimalist bucket bag

PHOEBE shoulder bag

The PHOEBE, is a shoulder bag with a sculptural shape and a round flap. This bag has a short strap, to be worn just under the shoulder or at the waist (also available with a longer strap by request). The PHOEBE is roomy, without being too big, and can fit a large wallet and more than just the essentials. Available in Tan, Green and Black leather. 


PHOEBE minimalist shoulder bag

DANNI tote bag

And lastly, the DANNI, a minimalist leather tote bag with a unique arch shaped front pocket. The DANNI is available in two versions, with top handles only or with top handles and a strap. This tote bag is the largest of all Klès bags and is very practical to carry larger items such as a bottle of water, a compact umbrella or a jumper.


DANNI minimalist leather tote bag

Other items of the new collection

The 2022 collection also includes a version of the SASKIA wallet in green leather, two pairs of statement earrings made of leather and wood and three bag charms. 

The LIV bag charm, with its distinctive design made of leather and wood, is eye-catching, while retaining a minimalist, chic style.
The LYN and LIZ leather bag charms, one with a wavy shape and the other with a zigzag shape will add subtle originality to your outfits. 
All three handbag charms can also be used as keyrings and they can be monogrammed, ideal for gifting! 




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