New machine: hydraulic clicker press

Big news! I have a new machine, a big one! I’ve been wanting this piece of equipment for a while so I’m super excited to tell you all about it!

This machine is called a clicker press and I’ll use it to cut the pieces of leather. It’s a pretty simple machine, it’s a press that’s used with cutting dies that are placed on top of a piece of material. When the press is actioned, the machine presses the die over the leather to cut it, just like with cookies! 🍪 

Let me show you how the clicker press works…

Until now I’ve been cutting everything by hand, with a scalpel. It’s very time-consuming and it doesn’t bring anything to the final product. Having this machine will give me more time to do ALL the other things (marketing, content creation, social media, admin, etc), AND, now the best part, I’ll use the time saved to create more elaborate designs (you will see this in the new collection).

Having access to one of these machines is crucial to make leather bags and accessories as a business. And if you’re a perfectionist like me, cutting by hand means spending a ridiculous amount of time cutting, when I could hand-stitch intricate details instead. It will also allow me to design accessories with more elaborate shapes, like curves and zigzags for examples. The possibilities are almost limitless! Can you hear my excitement? 😀

As a small independent bag brand, this type of machine is a huge investment. Most leather accessory brands the size of Klès would use a machine somewhere nearby, from a leather supplier for example. Here in Bristol and surrounding areas there are none, and because I don’t drive, traveling somewhere to have my leather cut would be very complicated, so I made a bold decision and bought a machine! It was a scary decision, but the press will make my life so much easier and I need it to take my business to the next level.


Klès owner Jessica Gomez with her new hydraulic clicker press

Now let me explain you how complicated it was to move this machine. First of all it’s a beast, it weighs 900kg! It’s so heavy that I had to find a haulage company with trucks equipped with a tail lift able to handle the weight of the machine, most trucks don’t!

After that, I needed to find an electric pallet truck to carry the machine from outside the building to my studio (the delivery company wouldn’t carry the machine inside due to insurance). The pallet truck had to be electric because of the weight of the machine and because there is a ramp inside the studio. This meant renting a pallet truck, borrowing a trailer to carry the pallet truck and the stress of carrying a 900kg (almost a ton) down a ramp.
I never thought I’d become an expert in truck tail lifts and pallet trucks, but here I am. 😆

It took me a whole week (and tears and despair) to arrange the delivery! I was lucky to have some fantastic people at my studio who helped me move the machine, I might have given up without their help and advice.

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